Saturday, October 12, 2013

I've been practising...

 A panel for a friends Granddaughter that is due in Nov...
 Henrietta Whiskers for a present!!! She is finished at last not quite the same as the pattern but near enough. I have been trying my hand at free motion quilting and I am soooo glad that you can't see a close up of the photos as I am not very good. The panel, well the baby won't mind and the other one is for someone who doesn't sew so I sure that she will be impressed. I have two more to finish, all pinned and ready to go, but I think that they will just be crosshatched!
 Ooops camera malfunction( no operator malfunction) Anyway, I have been sewing Michelle Ridgeway's little heart decorations and went to Spotlight to get some more variegated red thread and I spied the material. With 30% off for finishing the bolt... wow all of 45 cms, this lovely butterfly material came home with me for just on $2. I do love butterflies.The felt is cut out and I am ready to sew the stitcheries onto the felt so that will be the go for tonight.
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  1. your henrietta whiskers is gorgeous and the quilting was beautiful!
    a very sweet panel for the new arrival.
    enjoy putting your stitcheries together and hope you have a great day at the quilt show!

  2. Hi Elizabeth, love your Henriettas whiskers, this is a fav of mine. Wanted to be a follower but cant find the button on your blog to do that :(