Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Something a bit different

This is Olga the owl and ...

This will be Gracie Giraffe when I get round to making her. I bought these  kits from Spotlight last year thinking I could make up one for my GS and one for his second cousin. Hmmm well that was last year. They are both now too old for them so I am giving them to a friend of mine for her daughter. My friend has triplet boys as well as two  older girls. The daughter is having twins! Fun to make but fiddly and I soooo hate sewing things up.

This is rosette 9 of the New Hexagon Millefiore quilt.
My sister in law is going to be a great grandmother again in January and this is for her GGS. The book came with the kit so will go with the quilt. Very simple but sweet.

I have started on Rosette 10 a , 4 of these hexies,

one of this,

and two of these. Will be interesting to see how it all looks together.... and I'm not sure where I put the other one of this that I was sewing last night. Agh, me and my memory.
Linked with Anthea at Hibiscus stitching and her EPP party


  1. Olga is very cute! Nice quilt yiu have made and I love the EPP blocks, you have been busy.

  2. Hi Liz,boy you sure have been busy,I love the owl and the giraffe looks like a lovely pattern,they will be well loved I am sure.
    Love the baby quilt and I agree so cute with the book to go with it.
    Your rosettes are coming along nicely,well done my friend xx

  3. I made a couple of those little animals a few years ago - never again! Definitely not my thing. Lovely rosette and the little quilt with the book is a great idea. xx

  4. I've just spent some time reading your last few blog posts - so inspirational, especially the epp hexies. Andres xxx

  5. Found you!!! lovely to have met you in real life. I did get a bit confused as the blog signs off as eliek ... are you in disguise????