Wednesday, August 30, 2017

a little bit of progress.

Rosette no 7 of millefiore... forgot to take a photo before attaching it to it's neighbour. Like this one.

I decided to start putting all the rosettes together as I had lots of adjoining ones. I was a bit worried about the one on the right with the bright pink flowers so I left it out and sewed all the others. Once I got the one on the left in ,with it's brown tones, I decided the other one was ok.Bit disappointed that the star doesn't show up very well but I love that block so all good.

Dear Jane blocks for August. Official ones from Kilmore. The group is continuing on with them so I am now 4 ahead of myself. This is G11, K2, L2 and M1.

Can you guess what this is???? I decided I needed more clamshells cut out so unusually for me I did the correct thing and ironed the fabric first. Got to one piece and the iron was sticking. Strange..... yes I had put the iron on the plastic template. OOPS

This is the iron after I had scraped the melted plastic off the sole plate. It has come a bit cleaner but maybe next time I'll leave the fabric wrinkled.


  1. All your blocks are looking great!! So fun, two totally different projects!! And with the iron, been there, done that!! LOL!!

  2. Oh no... is the iron ok now. At least you are ahead with Dear Jane.
    They were fairly quick blocks this month.

  3. Your rosette looks beautiful sewn together. I hope the iron is ok, it is easy to iron I ver the templates, they hide I am sure!! Your Dear Jane blocks look great too.

  4. Oops! But love the perfect clamshell on your iron. Your rosettes are looking great all together. xx

  5. Hi Liz oh wow your rosette's are gorgeous,i am loving this one and well done being ahead of your DJ blocks.
    Oh no sounds like something i would do my friend,lol,hope your iron is ok and i hope you have a lovely day Liz xx