Tuesday, May 23, 2017

It's been a while

So it's been a while but I have been busy. This is the May Perpetually hexie. Now I love blue but I am so not sure about this one... maybe bad colour choices but I'm not doing it again and will see how it looks with the others.

This is one of the Dear Jane blocks that when I looked at it and the picture didn't look the same. I had to remove the corner triangles and sew them in a different place. I had the square , square not on point! Agh.

Saturday saw me at a sew a long with NOTYQ doing Elizabeth Hartman's Fancy Forest. After two afternoons of cutting out ( and this is only the small quilt) I managed to sew 4 foxes and 2 bunnies. Later that night I did the 2 thistles and Sunday morning and evening I did the 2 hedgehogs. Loving the way they are looking. Now I have 2 owls and 2 fireflies to stitch.... but as yesterday was a write off ( work and DS2 graduating with his Masters degree) tomorrow... Aladdin, Thursday... afternoon tea with DD1 and DGS 1 Looks like Friday afternoon for one of them maybe. I have also indulged myself and bought EH's butterfly quilt pattern. HMMM that may be a long term project.

Close up of bunny 1 and..

hedgehog 1

This is the second rosette for the Millefiore from the New Hexagon book. Very happy with it and am onto the 3rd round of rosette 3. Need to cut papers and fabric for that so there goes this afternoon. Loving this one too.


  1. Hi Liz wow such beautiful work,i love them all,the animal blocks are so cute xx

  2. I like your blue hexie, looks good to me! The animal blocks look fantastic, I think the hedgehog is my favourite. Love the bottom hexie too.

  3. Loving all of your projects Liz!
    That blue hexie looks amazing To me!
    Well done on your little forest critters they are adorable
    You are so clever

  4. I too love your blue hexie! Everything looks lovely actually especially those little animals. xx

  5. Oh my! I love everything you have done. Those animals are so cute and your blue hexie is beautiful as is your second rosette. Lots of patience required, I am sure.

  6. Oh my goodness you do such lovely work...you have indeed been busy xx

    1. You have been very busy. Great progress on your fancy forest. I like the colours you are doing it in.. At least my dear Janes are started now..

  7. Goodness Liz, there is so much stitching in those animal blocks, & you're doing a lovely work of them!
    Great work on the NH block too, thanks for linking up!

  8. Wow, Liz, you have been busy and everything looks wonderful!! Those little critter blocks are so cute!!