Tuesday, February 28, 2017

What have I been up to???

Here is the centre of my cherries and chocolate quilt. I have since added the border to this and have got some of the  hexies onto the top and bottom border. Cut the outer border( not keen on cutting the length of the fabric but..)and so have two of the four corner hexies put together. It's coming together really well and I am loving it.

Hmmm blogger or my camera or Picasa has turned my Dear Jane blocks on their side. Still you get the idea.Up to date so far.

On Sunday I along with about 40 others attended the local quilt shop's inaugural Sunday school. We were at Monsalvat which is just a beautiful place, blue stone buildings in beautiful grounds. This is the centre of my Timeless Tulips block that I learnt with Meredithe Clark. In class I got the centre star sewn, the pink tulip together and one of the curves attached.Worked on it yesterday afternoon and the newsprint pieces were sewn in and I have 3 more pink tulips ready to put in and 4 green tulips up to having their petals attached. That will be this afternoon's work.Meredithe was so patient and explained things wonderfully. This is also hand pieced. Can't say I am a fan of curves but having learnt how to do them.... pin, pin and more pins.... I am enjoying this block.

Enjoy the heat those of us in Victoria. I am looking for a cool place to stitch!!!


  1. Hi Liz,wow beautiful work my friend,your class looks very interesting.

  2. Love your hexies Liz and your workshop piece is stunning. Very interesting fabrics and design I can't wait to see it grow.

  3. Hexies are great. Love your dear Janes. I think I have got my numbers mixed up. What's your top right one. I have done a different one. Lost your email and Jenny text me the numbers. Oops.. I'm one ahead and one behind... your timeless tulips looks very interesting

  4. Cherries and Chocolate is coming along nicely Liz. I so admire your Dear Jane blocks....clever girl! Sounds like a very interesting workshop x

  5. Your hexies are beautiful and the class you did looks great, cant wait to see your Timeless tulips grow. Monsalvat is a beautiful place isnt it? Your DearJane bloskc are beautiful.