Tuesday, February 7, 2017


On Weds last week the February pattern for the Perpetually hexagon was put up. These are my pieces ready to go, the background sewn together.... still not sure how Sharon at the Quilt shop gets hers so perfect in the centre but....

Two hexies done ready to be sewn together. I actually now have all six sewn and 4 put into the wreath so soon I will have the wreath shape done. Then it's on to sewing it onto the background. Again Sharon gets hers very smooth and mine always looks like it needs a good press!

Not one to just have one project on the go, I have been crocheting some beanies for the prem babies. Thanks Barb for the pattern and these will go to Lyn at the next bloggy meet. I did get 6 out of one ball of wool  so very happy about that.


  1. I like your hexies, they look excellent to me! The baby beanies are beautiful.

  2. Hi Liz ,such beautiful work ,love the orange fabric you have used and those hats are so cute,well done my friend.

  3. Well done Liz. You are so caring.

  4. Well done Liz. Those hexies look great x