Sunday, November 27, 2016

Colour run well walk

DGS got in on the act...this is the pre run shirt so nice and clean. Unfortunately after a long train ride and being faced with about 50,000 people he lost the plot so mum and dad took him home. 

DH and DD2 after the event

DD2 and me.... somehow I managed to stay relatively clean and I avoided the slime!

DH, DD2, DS2GF and DS2.. Think the colour throwers liked them latter two!

Another family shot. The son's GF loved her quilt too which was given to her on Thursday.

This is the way the colour goes on... well this was a freebie at the end. I think there was a big throw but with so many people around we all decided we needed lunch and a hot shower.

5 years ago today was the first colour run I think and we did it as a tribute to DS1 who fell asleep 5 years ago and forgot to wake up. Miss him but this was a fitting tribute as he would sooooo have done this,probably with his little sister. Thoughts go out to my friend Jo too as this day is a hard one for her as well.


  1. sending you big hugs Liz ,hope you are surrounded with butterflys.
    Love these fun pics ,what a fun thing to do as a family xx

  2. Hugs to you today......what a great fun memory to make together......and yes you are very clean or should I say white......

  3. Big hugs Liz....what fabulous fun and such a joyous tribute together xxx

  4. What a fun day you had. So bitter sweet. Thankyou so much. I had a good sewing day. Got step 1 done....

  5. What a gret effort from all of you Liz, I know your dear Son one would love that, and be smiling down on you all.
    Hugs R.