Sunday, December 4, 2016

A beautiful day

Yesterday this beautiful couple became Mr and Mrs.It was a very moving service and a truly wonderful day. 

Back of the dress, stunningly simple and elegant as we knew it would be.

My DGS with his second cousin(the bride's niece) They both scrubbed up pretty well.

DH with his sister(mother of the bride) his mum and the bride. It was a great day and so pleased to share it with such a lovely couple. 


  1. Always a wonderful day - a wedding!! She is darling and her dress is fantastic!!

  2. Such a beautiful bride,so glad you had a wonderful day,lovely weather as well.

  3. Very beautiful bride... what a lovely set of pics!

  4. Lovely Photos Liz, great to see your MIL looking so well, enjoying the day.
    your DGS has grown up so quickly, such a handsome little boy.
    Sorry there were no pics of you.

  5. Beautiful photos of a lovely day. Gorgeous bride x How cute is DGS in his best gear!