Sunday, November 20, 2016

Thank you again

Today is the second year for saying thank you to those heroes and their families who at a time of great pain and grief give so generously to strangers.Organ donation is hard enough to do but from the mum of a recipient, once again I say THANK YOU especially to our donor family but to all those others that give.
Here are the Nov Dear Jane blocks,3 easy, 1 harder but not so hard that I couldn't manage them all in an afternoon/evening.

Enjoy the heat today and once again Thank you to all donor families.


  1. Yes god bless the donors,it is a hard choice to make,but can give life to so many people,thankyou to those wonderful families.
    Your blocks are amazing Liz,well done xx

  2. I think organ donation is one of the most selfless things a human can do for another!! God bless them!! And I am loving your Dear Jane Blocks!!

  3. Thanks Liz. I know it is a hard subject to talk about for us. It is also a hard time for both of us. Take care

  4. Bless them all. An amazing gift at such a horrendous time. Thinking of you hugs xx

  5. Great blocks there Liz... we've not had any heat yet but I'm sure we'll get a lot of it once it starts!