Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tuesday Treasures

What a gorgeous Tuesday we are having. Warm sunshine, cooling breeze. Summer in Korumburra is never boring that's for sure.
Thanks Melody for the opportunity of sharing my Tuesday Treasure with your bloggers.
The theme for today is 'What do you treasure in your surroundings'.
Mine was very easy to choose.
Here is a picture to share with you of the view from my dining room window of a magnificent rainbow. We have a lot of rain here and also a lot of rainbows but none as spectacular as this one which I was lucky enough to catch on camera.
I just wished that I could have caught the whole thing. The whole rainbow arched from one side of the hill and across the gully to this large gum. My lens just wasn't wide enough.
I have not enhanced this picture in any way. It was just good luck. Kinda like the pot of gold I was very tempted to look for at the bottom of this tree.


  1. Can't believe I posted to the wrong blog again. Silly me!

  2. I love your treasures... Rainbows are the most incredible things in the nature...

  3. Nature truly is wonderful. Happy days.

  4. Oh wow - what a view from your window! It's beautiful and the rainbow is magical - it's not often you see the end of the rainbow :0)

  5. What a lovely vista and great shot of the rainbow.