Thursday, February 10, 2011

A quilt for my sister-in-law

This quilt is one that I made for Margie as a "hug" from her family after the loss of her 38yr old son last year. I embroidered 6 of the Val Laird "Gifts of Grace" blocks and then set then haphazardly with calico blocks, which all members of her family signed with messages of love, and random 8 in and 12 in blocks. I think Margie was happy with it when she finally got it. She lives in Canberra so is too far away when she needs a family hug so this serves in lieu. She is now " looking after " my eldest son as he begins a graduate programme in ACT. The first to leave the nest so I am glad he has his auntie Margie there.... and maybe a quilt from mum( yes he did take the one I made him ) Margie also like teddy bears so the label for the quilt appears hopefully on this post. It's a Teddlywinks pattern. Love those bears

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  1. This quilt is really beautiful Liz. Thank you so much for sharing.