Monday, January 8, 2018

Holiday stitching

I have had almost 3 weeks off work and I hit the sewing machine hard! These are the Dec and Jan Dear Jane blocks. I have done all 12 that were set but the other 5 have been blogged about before.

While my DGS was in utero I saw a quilt made by Karen Martin of Mrs Martin's quilt shop fame and I told her I was stealing the idea. This is a year in the life of said GS. I wrote on it, his Nan and Pop did and his mum put in bits. Finally I got all the blocks together and hope to quilt it ( in the ditch) by the time he turns two in March.

His hand and foot size at 1 year old, takes a block each....

His hand and foot size at 20 days old, which both fitted on one 6.5 x4.5 in block. Thought when he is older and patting me on the head it will be interesting to see how tiny his feet and hands were.

I finally put Perpetually hexie together. So very happy with it but oh my goodness it is HUGE. That is draped over a two seater couch.

Christmas lunch and I tried to get into the spirit by putting a runner on the table, made many years ago, and the candle was lit for my DS1 who was watching over us and the angel was lit for DD2's donor who I am sure was watching over her family as well.

I treated myself after Christmas to a mandala colouring book. Slowly I am filling in this one. It is very relaxing but I will never be an artist.... this is my form of art, just keep it between the lines. Even had to buy a pencil sharpener as I seem to have misplaced the one I had at school ( it is in the house somewhere)and the pencils kept getting blunt.. 

And this is the book, best $5.00 spent in a while.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas spent with family and/or friends and here's to a wonderful year in 2018.


  1. Hi Liz wonderful work my friend you sure have been busy xx

  2. WOW - that's a lot of sewing and some of it with lots of detail. Truly wonderful.

  3. Stunning work as usual Liz! Colouring Mandalas is very good for you as well as fun. Beautiful way to remember your special Angels xx

  4. Oh my. Dear Jane. I haven't had it out for months.. I love yours. Well done.
    That Mandala colouring is so much fun...

  5. Happy 2018 Liz!
    What a beautiful idea with the quilt for GS... Perpetually Hexy looks amazing, love the colours... have a wonderful year ahead x

  6. Beautiful work ... and lovely way to remember loved ones... I hadn't realised DD2 has a donor... so good of you to remember his/her family....x Your projects are gorgeous.. that Perpetual hexi is amazing.... and lovely baby memories in the other one.... I found the colouring in book great to do with grandies... we chat together..