Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Hunter's Star

A work in progress

 The 8 times 15 triangles sewn for the next part of this quilt.

Sunday 16th July saw me at a class learning this block.. Hunter's Star. Using lots of scraps and I love it. As that day should have been DS1's 32 birthday this quilt will be "Christopher's Star" I just need now to lay all those triangles out and see which should go where. It's scrappy so I think it will look good no matter where I put them.

Rosette no 5 in Millefiore ( Katje Marek). It almost has a 3D effect when looked at like this. Very happy with this one , despite my earlier oops!

This is the centre for no 6. I just need a couple of other fabrics and I can get this all together.
Think yesterday should have been an EPP day at Hibiscus stitching so when I have a chance (and when the link is up) I will link.
Off to Jeff's shed on Sat for the quilt show. 


  1. Oh, Liz, your Christopher Star block is wonderful!! He would be so happy to know you think of him always!! Rosette #5 does look 3-D and I am loving the center for #6. Have fun at the quilt show!! xoxox

  2. Your quilt in honour of Christopher is going to be amazing, and a labour of love.
    Gorgeous millefiori blocks loving that green one!

  3. Hi Liz i also love that you are making a quilt in honour of Christopher,the block is lovely,also love your EPP blocks,well done my friend xx

  4. Oh yes... I love your CHRISTOPHERS STAR....
    Enjoy the show

  5. Hi Liz.I don't know what happened but I can comment again,
    your blocks are fantastic, I love Christopher's star,he was and is a Star.
    Enjoy the show.

  6. Beautiful Christophers Star!! Love your other blocks too.

  7. Always see the glass half full Liz, makes life easier lol
    Lovely progress on your projects!


  8. Christopher's Star is simply stunning. That navy/white combo with the bright colours is totally amazing. Love, love, love.

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