Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Another rosette started but .... oops

The next rosette is started on the millefiore quilt a long. I am so pleased with the fussy cutting on the centre and just love it. Started on the second round and kept thinking that the hexies look a bit small. Well can you spot the obvious mistake???

Here is one on top of the other and yes it's the centre one that is too big not the other way round. Darn it! Should have realised as  when I was cutting the diamonds I knew they were 1.75 " big so that of course makes 3.5" along the edge not 3", so it's back to the drawing board. At least I only have to make one hexie and not six so as the song goes.... always look on the bright side of life.

Going to link with Anthea at Hibiscus stitching for her piece it together.


  1. oh what a bummer Liz,i am sure you will have it fixed in no time,they do look fantastic xx

  2. Such a shame, I am sure you will have it fixed in no time. Love the fussy cutting in the centre.

  3. Always see the glass half full Liz, makes life easier lol
    Lovely progress on your projects!

  4. Oh what a shame! But I am sure you will find a use for that lovely centre hexagon. xx

  5. Your quilt in honour of Christopher is going to be amazing, and a labour of love.
    Gorgeous millefiori blocks loving that green one!