Monday, January 23, 2017

so far this year..

... I have finished stitching all 25 blocks of my candlewicking quilt. All washed, hanging on the clothes horse to dry. I have ironed and cut them to size and placed them in their order for stitching together. That may be Wednesday's job and then I can attach the lace. It is all booked in at the quilters for July.

This is the first block of Katja Marek's BOM sewn onto the background.Just wish I could get the points on the under hexie to lie really flat.

At a friend's place a couple of weeks ago I was shown a pattern for a crocheted blanket done in hexies. Got the pattern and so far I have done 6 red ones. 2 cream and two red and cream combined. Went to Spotlight to buy some yarn ( at 99c a ball you can't go wrong) and I will see how far I get!Can do these watching "Burn Notice" DVD's

Went out the back door the other day and this is what I saw. Our Hoya is just bursting with flowers and looks so good. Shame they don't do too well in the house in vases.... last time I tried that there were too many ants on the blossoms.


  1. You are well ahead of time for your candlewicking quilt. Good work

  2. Hi Liz,wow you sure have been busy ,well done with all your lovely blocks,love your hexie crochet too ,see you soon,can't wait xx

  3. Looking forward to seeing your Candlewick quilt what you've been doing xx

  4. Looks like you will meet your July deadline without any problems.
    Lovely crochet Hexies and your bom Hexie is amazing.
    Your Hoya is stunning, is many flowers

  5. Your hoya looks sensational!! You have some great projects on the go there.