Saturday, January 7, 2017

Christmas and the new year

My beautiful family all getting into the Christmas spirit. So good to have them all with us this year. So BBQ chicken ,salad for main with Chocolate Ripple cake for dessert! After this was taken we did adjourn to the kitchen as the deck was far too hot.

First of Jan saw me embark on a BOM from Katje Marek. Here are all the pieces glued (yes glued... a new thing for me) and I did try sewing them from the back using a flat stitch, hence the clip. I found this hard on my wrists and I'm not sure I was any good at it, so reverted to whip stitch.

This is the finished wreath, it will have "jewels" in the plain corners.. jewels are 1" hexie with a 1" triangle on the top.Have to get my background fabric before I can put those on. Think this will be fun and I am ready to get back to some EPP

Jo recently made some isolette covers for the NICU in Mildura and asked people to also make some. I managed 3 successfully, two panels the same with different borders to make the size and one other panel that I had. Did some FMQ on 2. I was also "gifted" the flannelette backing from a donation made to the Eltham Quilt shop so thanks to that person for making it possible as well.

This is the bits from the panels that I had to cut off and it has made a perfect Blanket of Love. The clips at the bottom were my KK gift at the Kilmore Quilters lunch. I love them, not just for binding, but for the EPP. Great gift.

This is the panel I left unquilted(bad photo)

Many years ago I was in a 12" and 6" block swap and had these left over from Blankets of Love so with a bit of a fiddle this is also an isolette cover. I stitched down the centre with a fancy stitch which pulled the backing a little so this is a bit wonky on the bottom but I don't think the babies it covers will mind.

Been a busy start to 2017 but it's back to work on Monday so the sewing will slow down. Enjoyed what I have done and am sure much more will be done over the year.

Can anyone help this very non tech person learn how to blog from the ipad??? Not sure how to get the photos on, so any advice would be appreciated. The lap top keeps shutting down on me with an error and it takes forever to reboot!
May 2017 bring you health and happiness.


  1. Happy new year Liz,I love your wreath and what a lovely family pic,lovely covers you made for Jo,hope to see you soon my friend xx

  2. Great job Liz. They all look great.

  3. Lovely family pic.
    Very interesting new project looking forward to seeing that one evolve.
    Very sweet blankets too, you have started off the year well!

  4. Lovely family shot. You have been very busy...great work. I am not sure if gluing is for me. I had a go but not a fan...such a dinosaur lol!

  5. Lovely Christmas photo - not surprised you retreated indoors, it was hot!!!. You have been productive...your wreath is lovely so far, I'm not a fan of gluing but some shapes it does work well for and its whip stitching for me too. Sweet covers for the wee bubs at the hospital.