Sunday, March 22, 2015

TPG quilt show

Yesterday Rosalie and I attended the TPG quilt show which is still on today if you can make it. Here are a few of the quilts. Just love this as it is blue!

This was made using a ? son's drawings. He was 4 1/2 years old when they were drawn. What a keepsake for the artist. Can you see Spiderman quilted in to the train block?

This was a bit amazing. We both looked at it and it was as flat as... I then got the camera in position and lo and behold it really is 3D. Stunning.

This was the one I voted for as my favourite. It was beautifully worked and it has a butterfly so what more can I say. Actually on a walk later with DH a butterfly came across us both and briefly landed on my hand before flying away so I felt that my DS1 had just given me a kiss.

These were the spoils from the trade table. Some stencils for FMQ, a butterfly bag and a panel that I am doing a class on so now I will be able to make the quilt bigger as I will have 2 panels.

I have started putting the AHHHH' together. Realised that the diamonds are longer than they are wide ( maths was never my strong point!) so if I had made it 10 x 10 it would have been huge so this one will be 9 x 6 and that leaves me with 8 short to make another the same size. Dilemma... not really . I am going to order 8 more from Tonya and then I will have enough.

This is of course what has to come out at the end of the sewing process.

And this!

For photos of the Loving Indigo go to Kilmore quilters Facebook page ... they are stunning.


  1. Great quilts! Thanks for sharing. Amazing blocks all the same xx

  2. What a great quilt display Elizabeth... love the one featuring the childs drawings

  3. lovely pics from the quilt show.
    great to see your aah's have been started to be put together.
    off to see the indigo pics..

  4. I know a few others went today. Sounded great

  5. Can't wait to see the finished AHHH quilt top. Looks amazing so far. xx