Saturday, February 21, 2015

Kalamazoo is ready..

Thursday and Friday saw me practising my free motion quilting. I am not very good but here is one Blanket of Love...

...and here is another. When a friend has quilted her ones these will be winging their way to Cheryll.

At last the Quilt as you go ( or Kalamazoo by Michelle Marvig) is done. I burned my fingers trying to get the flowers pressed over the freezer paper, stuck pins in myself from trying to sew on those long lengths of binding(thanks to KQ for use of the binding machine which made things so much quicker) and generally struggling with a big quilt, it is done and I love it. I hope that the niece it is going to loves it as well. I am not a green person but the mint green in this obviously has blue tones to make me really happy with the fabric choices.Would make this again but would cut the background pieces much bigger, other than that yeah, I did it and that ticks off another niece to get a quilt.

Two weeks ago this was my very unimpressed DD2. "Did you take photos of the others on their first day of work?" Well no I didn't but they didn't have a uniform or been through what she has to get to the job. Very proud of the nurse that she is and will go on to be. Think the face shows how terrified she was feeling. After 6 shifts she is now much more confident and feeling happier in herself. 


  1. Love your Kalamazoo quilt Elizabeth, its gorgeous. I love those colours. How exciting for your daughter and so pleased to hear she is feeling heaps more confident now. My daughter is also training to be a nurse.

  2. You did a great job with you FMQ feathers.,I haven't done them yet. I think you may have just spurred me on. I also like the quilting on your Kalamazoo quilt. The colours work well together. Lucky for the KQ machine. I might talk to you about you QAYG technique.
    Well done to DD2...

  3. lovely little blankets and a great way to practice your fmq.
    Your nieces quilt is absolutely gorgeous, I love it. Perfect quilting and those applique flowers really are a great touch. I hope she loves it!
    well done to dd she looks raring to go. glad her confidence is increasing.

  4. Well I think your fmq is great. Love your nieces quilt. Big hugs and loads of good wishes for your dear daughter xx

  5. Liz your fmq is great and butterfly's as well. Kalamazoo is beautiful, but the best is DD congrats to you both. X

  6. Well you might think your free motion isn't very good but I'm impressed, you did feathers! Love the Kalamazoo quilt, worth the injuries. Well done to your daughter and yes, after all her effort you needed a photo!

  7. Quilt as you go quilt looks wonderful and DD looks pretty sassy in her little uniform!! Happy she is enjoying being a nurse!! :-))