Monday, June 23, 2014

More Honour blocks and a butterfly or two!

After making a 1/2" hexie butterfly I wanted to go smaller.. so the yellow one is a 3/8" double sided one. Still have to try one with 1/4" hexies. Think I might get very sore fingers!

These are the May Honour quilt left William Bernard Biene (18 yrs old) top rightEdward John Rule, bottom left Charles Wyndham Thomas (27yrs old) and  bottom right Thomas de Courcy Meade. 3 out of the four died on 25th July which is a memorable day for us as DD1 was born on that date.

Here are the ones we were given last Wednesday. I spent all weekend sewing these, although easy the bottom right was very time consuming. Like it though. Top left John Clifford Bowers , top right William Brown. His brother Ernest has a block that has already been made. There was another brother, Frank that also enlisted but I don't know if he survived or not. Bottom left Albert Edward Knight and bottom right James Noble Robinson. A circular filled in by his brother in the early 1920's it was noted that James was 33 yrs 364 days old so he died the day before his 34th birthday.
This makes 20 blocks so far out of 49 so it is almost half way done.
Happy Monday everyone.(It is Monday in Australia)


  1. love your hexie butterflies Liz and all those blocks are wonderful.

  2. Your honour blocks are great.
    I hope to get mine done over the next 2 weeks

  3. Wow, Liz!! Those butterflies are so cute and sooooo small!! And all of your Honor blocks are beautiful. Did you ever tell us why 49 and I just forgot?

  4. Such cute butterflies...looking forward to seeing the 1/4" version!...I am sooo behind on the Honour Quilt, really must get back to it, yours are looking fabulous...