Thursday, June 5, 2014

A bit of this and that..

Last Wednesday the twin girls that we expected(DH's niece) arrived so I was able to add their names to the labels. The red bunny is for Charlotte and the orange bunny is for Emma. All finished and ready to be delivered. The red sheep label is on......

...this quilt. I saw the pattern on the internet, it's called "Peek a boo bunny" by Natalie Bird, and I so wanted to get it but thought that I had no real need for it. Boo hoo. I spoke to my MIL and she told me that one of DH's nephews is going to be a dad again in Sept. The pattern was ordered so darn fast. Isn't it cute?? I love it and think that it will be used again.

Once again my camera has been nasty to me. This is a side on view of a Blanket of Love that I am working on. The 8 6" blocks are from the QBSA (as you can see there are 4 hearts) and I added the borders to make it big enough. The small hexie butterfly is one that Jo from ButterZ blog spot told me about. I used 1/2" hexies but I really want to try some in 1/4 " ones. As Jo said they will make great additions to labels.

Hope all of us in Australia have a great long weekend, enjoy cos we don't get another one till that horse race!


  1. Love the quilts you have made..
    And yes I do like that cute butterfly.
    I can see more of them flying around.
    God on you.
    I'm busy quilting more boys quilts

  2. Oh, Liz - the labels for the twins are darling!!! Have you shown us the fronts of those quilts and I just missed the post?? And I love the peek a boo bunny quilt!! Your Blanket of love is so swwet and I REALLY love that hexie butterfly!! Enjoy your 3 day weekend!! You are always in my heart!! :-))

  3. your little labels finish the twin's quilts off beautifully and I love that little bunny quilt, it is gorgeous.
    such a pretty blanket of love too, the hearts look wonderful and I so love that hexie butterfly, he is perfect!

  4. Hi Liz,
    glad the twins have arrived safely, I'm sure they will love their Quilts, the labels look lovely, and your peek a boo bunny quilt is gorgeous.
    Love the butterfly too, they would look great flying around the border of a hexie Quilt.
    Well done with another Blanket of Love.Cheers R.

  5. Peek A Boo Bunny is adorable...what a great idea of Jo's for the hexie butterfly...