Monday, August 27, 2012

Quarantined parcel!

This is what was in a parcel I received today and as can be seen it was opened by the customs and border protection people. They did send me a letter about it and I had two phone calls with the DAFF. Melissa who was looking at it very carefully undid the handstitching, inspected the contents and then stapled and sticky taped the opening back up so now I have to hand stitch it again.

My beautiful friend Kris, in America sent me a gorgeous lavender scented pin cushion made in the breast cancer pink ribbon fabric. Following a diagnosis in late June she knows that this is close to my heart. 9 treatments down only 24 to go but who's counting! This will be used many many times. Thank you so much Kris, your support with others has been wonderful and much appreciated.

This is my latest AHHH and it is actually yellow on the outside. As can be seen the edges are a bit wonky but with a bit of tweaking that can be rectified when I sew them all together. Tonya has posted another one that I am thinking about but I know will get done soon.


  1. how sad that they opened your parcel.
    A lovely pincushion and your block is gorgeous, really like it.
    Good luck with the countdown of treatments.

  2. Oh, man - they broke it - can you really fix it?? And I love your new AHHH block!!