Tuesday, May 15, 2012

plans for the weekend

This weekend I am off to a sewing retreat in Maldon with Kilmore Quilters and I am so looking forward to it. I have to get some sewing ready though so I have been madly cutting and sticking , using the window as a light box as mine wasn't big enough. I was lucky in getting a pattern from Marina and here is the dragon all ready to be stitched. DH's niece is expecting a baby in July so this is going to be the centre of a quilt for her baby boy. Lots of sewing but I think it will be worth it.

 Looks better in the flesh. I can see that the wings blend a bit with the background but they do stand out really. The pattern shows the wings embellished so I will do some fancy stitching on them when they are firmly stuck to the background. The tower also has a vine stitched up it so may do that as well.I am doing needleturn applique which is why it looks a bit messy and I have got pins in there as well cos I don't trust my glue!
I have also taken a photo of some more AHHH's.  I'm a bit lazy and didn't draw the star one  on the left out just followed Tonya's instructions and when it came to the outer cream triangles was a bit bemused as to why they were a bit big. I'm doing 3 inch ones and this was a 2.5 in one. That will teach me won't it? Hope you like them


  1. How wonderful to see you have put that pattern to use and so beautifully too!
    I am so glad it came to live at your place.
    Your hexagons are just amazing as always.

  2. Everything is looking fabulous Liz. I'm looking forward to catching up with you at the retreat.

  3. Wow that dragon quilt is so cool. I've made a dragon quilt too. I think we are much alike.