Monday, January 2, 2012

Scissor swap at last

At long last I have managed to get the energy to photograph all the beautiful things that Marg sent me in the Scissor Keep swap run by Sandy at Cookies and Cream. I sent Marg a thumb pin cushion, a Gail Pan design pin cushion, a scissor keep with scissors and a tassle , a needle case and a bag to keep them in.

Marg's gift to me was a scissor keep with scissors and a tassle, a pin cushion, a mug bag with mug, a mug rug, a needle case with a panda measuring tape ( one ear painted black and the one you pull out in reverse... think that was an oops on the manufacturers part but it makes it quirky which I love) a folder with cover ( have used it to make my 2012 list!) and a blue bird deco. All came wrapped in four parcels with butterflies stuck to the paper. As I explained to Marg when I thanked her, I feel that my boy ,Christopher ,is now a butterfly having seen so many following his death in November so they were very special. I put them on photos of all my children so perfect.

Thank you to all who commented on the post about Christopher, your messages brought many tears but it was wonderful to know that so many people who only know me through the blog care. I go back and read the post and the comments often and they do bring a lot of comfort.


  1. Lovely things both sent and received.

  2. What a lovely lot of goodies. They will make evening sewing even more of a pleasure.

  3. what magnificent goodies, both sent and received. So much work in them all well done ladies!
    I hope the butterflies are still hovering around you.