Thursday, June 9, 2011

Teddy Bears Picnic

"O' Hare and Eski"
would like to go to the picnic today, we have had such a blast of icy weather in Melbourne, Eski will feel quite at home, O' Hare is warmly dressed in his Jacket, Leggings and Turban. They were both made from a Kit from Kympatti Bears in Queensland and are 6 inches. I hope everyone has a lovely Picnic, stay warm, P'S I'm sorry my photo's are so small, I'm not sure why. Cheers R
Hi Rosalie, I've just edited and changed the size of your picture so that people can see how delightful your little bears are.  Hopefully I've also got a link working for you, Mel
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  1. This is rather gorgeous. They look beautifully made. Love your work.

  2. I think Eski will be the only one who is righ at home today....12degrees in Brissy. They are so so cute.Love O'Hare.

  3. Your little bear is sweet and I love his companion, they sure are ready for the cold weather. Hope they had fun out today.