Thursday, June 9, 2011

Harrison is a bit late

Here is Harrison. He has a device in his neck that connects to his tail so he can turn his head from side to side. That was a challenge but it worked. Been a very cold wintry day here but I think everyone will enjoy the picnic. Join in here for other picnicers


  1. Harrison is a little darling. Thank you so much for bringing him on the picnic.

  2. Harrison looks rather cute. I have enough trouble with joints for arms and legs. I can't imagine putting in something to move his tail! He looks lovely.

  3. Harrison is a cutie pie. Hope he's not to chilly. You make lovely bears...he sounds like he was a bit tricky to make.

  4. Oh He is JUST Darling!!! There is Nothing like bears and quilts to keep you cozy on a cold day! As for here in the states, "IT'S HOT,HOT,HOT"!!!
    Have a great week,

  5. Hi Harrison so glad you came to play, though I hope you have something warm to wear while playing in the cold. Enjoy