Monday, May 2, 2011

Tuesday Treasure Toby

This Is Toby Our lovely Golden Retriever who died at this time last year aged 15 years. Toby did not have a mean bone in his body, he loved all people and creatures great and small. People would stop us in the street to tell him how beautiful he was, he got to expect it, and was very disappointed if anyone walked on by without stopping for a chat. We miss Toby so much, but if Dogs have a Heaven, there is one thing I know, old Tobe has a wonderful Home.


  1. Toby was a wonderful and very special dog, and I loved stopping to give him a pat every time I visited. I'm sure he is in doggy heaven. Thanks so much for sharing him.

  2. What a lovely face Toby had. He looked so friendly. My friend has a golden retriever called Jess and they are just beautiful gentle dogs. I am sure there is a doggie heaven and he's there.

  3. Toby was beautiful.. the only dog I have ever known to grin at you. He is missed by us all when we come to visit you. He would most certainly be in doggy heaven