Saturday, May 21, 2011


I spent a lovely night finishing off two of the "Out of the Box" blocks which have been hanging over my head for a while. Having taken the photo I decided that the purple heart buttons don't match so I have a couple of bigger red ones to put on the block. I also have to put beads on the hexie. I intend to try quilting these blocks myself and then they will go to a friend who has a charity which donates quilts to the Royal Children's Hospital in Victoria.Her charity is known as "Inspirational Quilts" and has a website but I don't know the full address.

The other stitching I did was slightly different. Having joined Kilmore Quilters, I attended a meeting on Weds with Mel, and a lady there asked us to knit these slippers to be donated to a nursing home in the local area. One pair down and 3 more to go. They look more like handbags but when on feet they are like Mary Jane shoes. Look at this too... I knitted green ones!!! ( not a big fan of green)

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