Saturday, September 24, 2016

The goings on ...

.. in my house for the past few weeks have included finally making this stitchery up into a cushion for DD2. She arrives in about 50 mins at the airport for a short stay so she will be able to take it back with her.

This came back from the quilters on Monday and is now labelled and bound ready to be given to DS2's GF in November for her 21st. I also got two others back so they just need the binding hand stitched down.

Last Sunday I participated in a fun class at Kilmore with Annette from Jindi's cottage. After a fraught start with boards not cut correctly and some people not having all the requirements we managed to make these. It is an ironing board/cutting mat. I did the Hugs and Kisses stitchery for it and the front cover incorporates my two favourite things... rainbows and butterflies.

The inside. I have even used it while sewing my Dear Jane blocks. Main reason for making it was to take to classes but it saved me walking from the machine, to the ironing board to the cutting board and back to the machine every few minutes. Great class, thanks Annette.

Here are my September Dear Jane blocks. Top right( classified hard) I hand stitched the centre and the bottom right( I classed as harder) I got lots of practice with those pesky Y seams. Happy, happy, happy with all four though.

Busy weekend as I have DS2 home from Europe(yeah, hopefully for good) DD2 home for 5 days, and GS is getting his head wet by a man in a frock( and yes photos will be taken ) tomorrow, so a huge family occasion.
Hope your week is great.


  1. Hi Liz love all your projects the cushion came up well,that fabric goes so well with it,looks like you had a wonderful class,well done my friend xx

  2. oh and have fun with your family xx

  3. oh I have one of those cutting ironing boards and they are great....would love to know how to make one...........great you got to spend time with Jindi........

  4. Love your stitcheries and the projects you have used them in...enjoy your time with DD2...and your glad your class project has come in handy already, and without even leaving the house - go you! So happy you were in the class :)

  5. It is a great project. I love mine.
    DJ block. I didn't do y seams. I cut the triangle then added ten outer pieces and trimmed to size. I thought they were all quick to do... I'm happy I am up to date now.
    Enjoy your family and a special day. See you soon...

  6. Beautiful projects Liz. Your quilt is beautiful! Dear Jane oh my goodness! Fantastic! Enjoy your precious family time xx

  7. Have a GREAT time with your girls, Liz!! Love, love, love both of your stitcheries and the cutting board/ironing board idea is wonderful!!