Tuesday, May 26, 2015

EPP linking

So today is the linky with Anthea at Hibiscus stitches. For the link see the post below.Here is the second part of the centre or maybe it's the third. Anyway this with diamonds added became....

...this and then another section with diamonds became ...

...this. I have been away on retreat and got the diamonds on both of them. Mind you I discovered I was missing a diamond so couldn't continue. Luckily I found it when I got home.... and so I was able to join them to make....

...this and when one, two, three and four are joined you get......

...Ta da this. The centre is complete. I now have to get the 1.5" elongated hexie papers for the next border ready. Have to find a shop that sells them!!! 

I also have been doing some of my AHHHH's and here they are.. The ones I did on retreat will be shown in a couple of days as I did manage to do a fair bit of sewing... just not as much as some people, but hey it was a very relaxing few days away from the stress of my everyday world.


  1. OMG...............you are a million miles ahead of me well done......it looks great........so excited for you............just get onto Carol and her online shop or email her and she will just send them out to you.......

  2. Lovely work Elizabeth...cant wait to see more as "Miss Elizabeth" takes shape.

  3. wow that has grown so quickly, well done!
    sounds like a very productive retreat, with some aahhs done as well.

  4. Wow Elizabeth - such quick progress - well done, it's taking shape beautifully!

  5. Oh Miss Elizabeth does look so good with the diamonds added.
    Looking forward to seeing the Ahhhh's put together.
    Cheers R.