Sunday, September 28, 2014

One Block Wonder is done!

Having seen a few of these finished I thought I had better get my act together and do mine. Two days later and it is complete. I love the overall in your face look and wanted to add the original fabric to the edge. I also wanted straight edges. You can see how that turned out. I did make some half hexies to fill in on the side edges but went with triangles for the top. Of course after it was all together I realised that by doing that I could have used the five remaining ones in the quilt! I then had a brain ?wave?blitz ?thunk and cut down the leftovers and appliqued them on the edge.
I aim to quilt it myself (eeekkkk) but think as it's small I should manage. 
Hope everyone is enjoying today's sunshine in Melbourne.


  1.'s fabulous...oh hindsight, it's an awesome thing..but I like the triangly top with the straight sides...great look...

  2. It looks fantastic Liz,
    I love the way the black frames it and the addition of the original fabric in the corner. The left overs making an appearance on the bottom row look perfect!
    Well done

  3. Liz. It is amazing. There were a few more being worked on today. You have done a great job showing off the fabric. Love it.

  4. Fabulous! Amazing quilt Liz. Well done. You must be thrilled.

  5. Well done Liz, the whole Quilt is fantastic.
    Cheers R.
    P/S Sorry I missed you on Friday.