Saturday, July 19, 2014

Honour blocks for July

Wednesday night we were given the next 4 blocks for the Honour quilt. The red one is for William Arthur Munro, he died aged 30 in France and is buried at Rouen. The green one is Herbert Valentine Shaw originally from England also died in France in March 1917. The yellow one is William Charles James Stute died aged 27 and is a great uncle of the person who is the designer of this quilt. Last but not least the purple one is Richard Thomas Randall who enlisted when he was only 17 yrs old.

Maree hopes that we will have these done by Anzac day next year so they can be on show at that time. This means that we will in future be given 5 blocks each month! I worked out that I have a lot of green and purple blocks to make ( I'm doing a rainbow) so need to check that I have lots of scraps in those colours. Can't wait to start putting it together, I just don't know what colour to make the sashings and cornerstones. Any ideas??


  1. Wow Liz, these have come out lovely. So colourful. As for the sashings and cornerstones good luck.

  2. well done Liz,
    they look great. It is going to make a great quilt.

  3. Very nice miss over achiever, they look great

  4. Well done Liz, It will be a lovely Quilt in Rainbow colours.
    P/S loved all your Blue and Green Butterflies too.

  5. Your Honour Blocks are looking fabulous...I managed two now only about oh let's not count behind! *LOL*...