Saturday, May 24, 2014

Retreat a bit late...

Last Friday saw me heading to Toolangi  for the Kilmore Quilters retreat. I took hand sewing and no machine... silly mistake. As you can see Sue was very productive and got her Angry Ladybug quilt finished and it looks fantastic.

This is the view from the sewing room, I didn't attempt the high ropes course that is in the middle.

What a beautiful place to eat lunch. The surrounds were just wonderful and the weather all weekend was stunning. Sometimes the sewing room was a bit too hot as there was a wood heater in the corner and I was sitting very close to it.

I was lucky to be lent a machine and I bought two fat quarters and made this mug bag as a gift for a friend... just need to put a press stud and button on it, then buy a mug and maybe make a coaster with the left over fabric.

I sewed 3 AHHH's, 4 to go in the same design and then see what it looks like.

I also finished off the bottom right stitchery and sewed the one on the bottom left. I love Michelle's designs and I am slowly working my way through this one.


  1. Well, machine or not, looks like you had fun and were productive too!! Your AHHHs are great and I love the redwork stitcheries!! I am happy to see you are getting out and about!! Whaaaaaat?? No high rope course?? :-))

  2. Well done Liz.
    Ahhh Allianz

    Good fun

  3. well done Liz,
    lots of lovely hand work there and your mug bag looks lovely.
    very nice view to look at while you are sewing too.

  4. I'm chuckling at Jo's comment and can't remember what I was going to type!
    Oh yes, well you were still productive, that is a whole lot of hand stitching going on...cute mug bag, great fabric for it...

  5. What a lovely spot Liz. Beautiful Ahhh blocks. Very sweet mug bag too. Boy Christmas Bakeshop is really coming along hugs xx

  6. it looks a beautiful place for retreat Liz, glad you had a good time.
    your mug bag is great, love the fabric,your hand stitching is so well done too.
    See you Tuesday,R.