Friday, April 5, 2013

The next installment of Ahhh's

 simple but effective
 Rubricks cube.... woule it be able to be solved???
 Stepping stones. easy
 Rainbow stars. Love this one
 Hmmm maybe my choice of fabrics wasn't so good.
 What can I say. Did lots of unsewing on this one but I do love it. The next lot are on their way from Tonya so I'd better get thehole in my finger fixed! No really I have found a leather thimble that I can actually work with so maybe my finger will thank me.
 This is a swap from QBSA from Alison
 The wonky star is from Jenetta QBSA and the two 6 " blocks are from Ann. love them all. The wonky star is made up of different fabrics put into strips and them made into the star. Quirky as but it made me smile and I am so going to steal the idea!

For those of you that thought DDlooked like me after the head shave...... you might need to revise that opinion. I think she is her dad to a tee. At the final count she raised $1780 so a mammoth effort.
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  1. wow dd definitely looks like dad when next to him, but still looks like you in the pic of the two of you.
    loooove your new ahh's, I have just seen the new ones on Tonya's blog and cant wait to see you tackle them.