Monday, January 14, 2013

The AHHH's are back and some block swaps

 This is a block I received in the Quilt Block swap Australia for Dec. I do love my stars. Thank you, Jane for this addition to my star quilt.
 Jane wanted another 9 patch star. I have made this for her before and I love the block. I did do slightly different colours this time.
 For Jan Brenda wanted any block in 1930's fabric. I had to visit the local quilt shop as I don't own any 1930's. I don't normally like green but the peach ( yes it is peach ) and green go very well together. Thanks to Sue for the inspiration for this block... Balkan puzzle. It was a great one to make. Brenda has got it so I can show. I eagerly await my block which is in mid air from Ohio.
 Blogger doing weird things here!!!Didn't mean to include this.
 The Ahhh's are back and this is the one I have had going for absolutely ages. It was supposed to have small stars in th corners but I gave up even trying to draw it up so just used star fabric instead. Visit to see more AHHH's and see how easy it is to get started. Tonya is selling the precut papers so the hard work is taken away.
 I know that my photograhy skills are not so good but I can assure you that these strawberries that I picked from our plants tasted delicious. Nothing quite like picking them in the warmth of the day and popping straight into your mouth. Yum
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  1. Lovely star blocks and I can just imagine how wonderful your strawberries taste.

  2. lots of great blocks, that ahhh block is just amazing!
    nothing like home grown strawberries. We are off berry picking tomorrow, hopefully