Sunday, April 1, 2012

Two more of those AHHH's

I just finished putting the last stitches into the last two AHHH's and Tonya has another one up. Being dumb I can't work this one out but Tonya is going to post one in colour so I can see where I am going. I have been asked by some non sewing friends why I do them. My reply is I like the challenge!

I will post some pics later of the Just takes 2 blocks that I have just finished... a feathered star and Grandmother's compass, the latter being hand pieced. Yep nuts I know. The next set should be posted by Sentimental Stitches today.Hope they are easy.

I also have the last block of Just Plain Nuts sewn so on to the putting together. That could be a challenge!


  1. your latest blocks look great, can't believe all those little pieces!
    Can't wait to see your other pieced blocks.

    1. One more block and I can show a quarter of the Just takes 2 quilt !!

  2. I am sorry...I have been so busy and everything is buried around here, but I will get a colored block up Tuesday and a new block up Thursday. I've missed my Ahhhh's.