Thursday, January 27, 2011

Teddy Bear's picnic

This lovely little bear was given to me by my friend Roma as a thank you for driving her to our group. She gave it to me in the car and "he" never made it in to the house, always coming with me on any journey I undertook in my big 7 seater. Sadly that has now gone to serve another large family so the bear has made it into the house. Hopefully my new car will have a spot just right. When I was given " him" Roma told me his name was Mitch ( after Mitch in " All Saints" ) and he was sporting a cowboy hat. I found the more feminine hat at a show so Mitch became Michaela. the hat has faded after being in the car but I don't think she minds. I just love Roma's bears.


  1. A delightful bear and an adorable gift. Lucky you!! I think your bear looks great in both roles - he and she!!

  2. Michaela looks lovely in her hat, how lovely she is your travelling companion.

  3. What a terrific bear and I love her new hat !