Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sunbury quilt show

This is the one I wish I had voted for.

It's a blue quilt and a star so obviously I loved it!

The small quilt on the left is the small quilt I voted for. It was a lot of pineapple blocks and it was so precis.The celtic work on the one next to it was amazing as well

This is the one I voted for , not my usual colours but I did like it.
A couple of weekends ago, Rosalie and I visited the Sunbury Quilt show and above are some of the quilts on display. It was an enjoyable day, especially the morning tea, and some purchases were also made but I didn't win any of the raffles.

Not that I post very often but just in case anyone does see, I won't be around for a few weeks due to a health issue. Happy sewing and blogging everyone else.

Monday, June 11, 2012

There are bats in the...

...woodpile. Yesterday DH cut some wood for the next week so we can be warm and this is what he found hiding in the woodpile. It is a tiny little bat. He was quite alert despite it being day time but DH very carefully put him under the back deck so he was safe and could go back to sleep. You can see how tiny he was by the hands holding him... DH not me

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Hexies and quilts.

Yesterday I received my May flowers in the Inchy hexagon Flower Swap along with a pretty crocheted heart.  It was a pleasure opening the envelope. Alongside ( or above ) is the latest AHHHH from Tonya at hillbilly handiworks. I am loving doing these hexies as they add a bit of challenge into my life. ( Do I really need more?)

I have been busy lately finishing off some quilts. The braid one I did in a class with a friend, the middle one is  two charm packs from Jane at Want it, Need it Quilt, and the bright one is a "tube" quilt that went to another niece on Sunday for her baby that is due in July. The concept is so easy and it went together so well. Definitely making more of these ones. Thanks to my friend Nancy for doing the quilting on them. Think I used up all my creativity on the DS G/F quilt. ( she loved it ) I do have plans for the other two but if I say anything I might let the cat out of the bag.