Monday, August 12, 2019

Some more Ice Cream Soda

Oops This snuck in out of order! Working on this using Batiks that friends brought me back from Bali. Everyone knows my link to butterflies.

Here are the 8 July rosettes for ICS. They arrive at the end of the month for that month  so I now have 48 done , 20 to go and then all the fill in bits!

Christmas presents on the go. I have to sew buttons or bells on to make them 3D. They are centrepieces for the table... a candle will sit in the centre as they form a circle. Thank you Spotlight for the free pattern.

NOTYQ has a challenge going on called Mrs Scrooge's quilt. This is using up lots of scraps in theory. Each month we get 6 blocks with an additional challenge block ( star block, one with curves, one using 3 triangles of the same colour etc) I have done two of the challenge blocks so far. Again this is a monthly quest and I am up to date. Aug blocks. Being an idiot I made the top left round the wrong way but it's not going to matter.

More Aug blocks... the one on the right is also backwards intentionally.

Monday, July 15, 2019

June or is it July Ice Cream Soda

Here is the latest month of ICS. This is how it will go together with triangles and diamonds as fill ins and the fabric is one of the light centres.. managed to get it fairly cheap.

While I was away I took some crochet with me. Got half of the body done and then had to finish Emma Bunny at home. This is from a book called Edward's menagerie. Cute but fiddly. Given to the physio at work who is expecting a girl soon.

The back... love her tail

 Found out that I'm going to be a Great Aunt again( Hubby's nephew and wife) in January. This is from Theresa Down Under's book Turnabout quilts. A shoofly block dissected and twisted. Rainbow colours as this little girl is a rainbow baby. Michelle, I finally used the fabric I bought in Qld for the border. Struggled a bit as the orange has kangaroos on it and was directional, as was the border fabric and the stripes. Managed and now I just have to quilt it.

Not quite enough width for the backing fabric so I added some more... love the unicorns and rainbows.

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

The next installment

As I have been away I had two months of IceCream Soda blocks to do when I got home. One month....

second month. I now have 4 rows done. Obviously I can't join them till all are done as some of the colours may clash but that is the progress so far!

A friend from dancing is going to be a grandmother in August so I did this panel for her grandy. Mainly followed the outlines but the pram has some wishbones and the borders have some FMQ thanks to inspiration from Angela Walters.

This is a kit I bought in Skagway, Alaska. We saw hummingbirds in Butchart Gardens Victoria, and as they represent DD2's donor they hold a special place in my heart. So beautiful seeing them in real life.

This I bought in Juneau ,Alaska... when we saw Glacier Bay all I could think was, this is my quilt. Hope I can do it justice. There is a panel with a bald eagle flying and that is in there. We did see a lot of them so these are my memories of a fabulous trip to Canada and Alaska.

Quilt labels from Skagway and Whale's Tail shop in Ketchikan. Not sure how I'll use them but they had to come home with me.

Monday, April 15, 2019

Ice Cream Soda

So the last few weeks have been spent sewing baby quilts. This one has gone to it's new owner....

This one will be handed over in August.... 

and this one will go next month to the cousin of the green/yellow one. Slight difference in pattern and quilting. Just love this pattern as it's easy and uses a lot of scraps.

Label for the above quilt.

This is month one of the BOM ( papers only) that I am getting from Ava and Neve in Qld. It's called Ice Cream Soda and once again I am using my scraps. 

Month 2... a bit of fussy cutting and it's fairly obvious where my colour preferences sit! Ah well it makes me happy.
After AQC I have finally started my mini Lucy Boston kit... hope to have a pic soon.

Happy Easter everyone

Monday, March 4, 2019

It's finished

This is the finished quilt. I quilted it myself in a day and a half!Very happy.

Wishbones and swirls.

Butterflies and dot to dot.

Feathers! Love them!!!!

Monday, February 25, 2019

A little bit wonky

Last Saturday some friends got together to sew some wonky log cabin blocks. It's really like a stack and whack so I got completely bamboozled but after a few mis starts I got 36 blocks done and sewn together. Each of the borders is a different blue and they go round so in keeping with the log cabin effect. Found out that a friend who has checked up on me for the last 7 years is having a significant birthday on Friday so if I can get it quilted she will get it. All those seams give me the heeby jeebies though.

Succumbed to another BOM, Ice Cream Soda, by Tales of Cloth ( Jodi Godfrey) and released via Ava and Neve in Qld.I just get the papers every month for 9 months and am using my stash. Ava and Neve do Liberty prints but I need to "rationalise" my fabrics as my DH says!

This is a baby quilt, from a panel with added bits, that will be going to my best buddy's grandie in Sept. She's going to be away when bub arrives so I am allowed to be" nana" for a little while.Again just need to quilt this! Think I need to retire so I can get all these quilts done.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Crazy I know

So last week I posted this pattern and on Weds I had a spare few hours and this was the result. ...about 5 hours cutting , sewing and pressing

Friday saw me putting on the borders.Wish I had had enough of the bright purple to do the border but apart from the black this was all in the stash. It takes ... 3",5" and 10 " strips so not much of a stash buster but....... I LOVE it. Would like to try again with maybe orange, red and??? yellow with blue background. What do you think.

Melbourne is sweltering this week with temps over 30 degrees c so not sure I will get much sewing done , Too darn hot!