Monday, August 12, 2019

Some more Ice Cream Soda

Oops This snuck in out of order! Working on this using Batiks that friends brought me back from Bali. Everyone knows my link to butterflies.

Here are the 8 July rosettes for ICS. They arrive at the end of the month for that month  so I now have 48 done , 20 to go and then all the fill in bits!

Christmas presents on the go. I have to sew buttons or bells on to make them 3D. They are centrepieces for the table... a candle will sit in the centre as they form a circle. Thank you Spotlight for the free pattern.

NOTYQ has a challenge going on called Mrs Scrooge's quilt. This is using up lots of scraps in theory. Each month we get 6 blocks with an additional challenge block ( star block, one with curves, one using 3 triangles of the same colour etc) I have done two of the challenge blocks so far. Again this is a monthly quest and I am up to date. Aug blocks. Being an idiot I made the top left round the wrong way but it's not going to matter.

More Aug blocks... the one on the right is also backwards intentionally.


  1. love everything you've posted about Liz.
    those bali butterflies are gorgeous.
    you've been busy!

  2. Hey, Liz, I hope you are doing well!! Let me know, will you? :-)